How to earn $35 or more with Merge Dragons on Swagbucks  (2024)

What isMerge Dragons on Swagbucks?

Merge Dragons is a popular puzzle adventure mobile applicationavailable through Swagbucks. It’s fun to play. You earn experience by harnessing the power of dragons. The goal is to heal the magical land by solving puzzles.

What’s the challenge?

To get yourSwagbucks, you need to reach Foothill 3in Merge Dragons in10 days. After you get to Foothill 3, it takes14 daysfor the offer to clear in Swagbucks. This game is easy and requires a little bit of interaction to level.

How much can you earn from Swagbuck for Merge Dragons?

Right now, I saw this available for3,500 SB. I’m pretty sure you can make more at a different time. It depends on the offer. It’s largely based on what Zynga is willing to pay for each user. So the offer will change from time to time.

Merge Dragons Swagbucks Guide

The key takeaway from this guide is that you should avoid merging three items. You should always attempt to merge five items at a time. This will allow you to move through levels faster. You will also successfully complete levels more often with this approach. Merging three items can lead to RNG problems.

Merge Dragons – Dragon Home Guide, Walkthrough, and Tips!

This is for the end game, but you can leverage your dragon home for more rewards. You may want to avoid this feature, but the video can provide insight. This may be an edge for you to get your Swagbucks faster.

How do you get Dragon Gems in Merge Dragons for free?

You may not need this guide, but I included it anyway. Not only does this video show you how to get free gems. You also learn how to spend your gems efficiently. This isn’t essential, but it can reduce the time you have to play to earn your Swagbucks offer.

How do you beat Foothills 3 in Merge Dragons?

After people ask the question, what level do I have to be at to complete the Merge Dragon offer on Swag? It’s level 87 if you didn’t know that already. The next question is how do I beat the final level for the offer. Well, here’s a great YouTube video that gives you a step by step walkthrough to get past this level.

Which Merge Dragon codes worked in the past?

These codes worked in the past. Do they work now? Who knows. They may still work for you today. If they do, drop a comment, so other people know these are still relevant. Thanks!

  • OC_ML949Mjnd– 30-Day Payout with Dragon Gems
  • IN_jf2MMJIm5– 400 Dragon Gems
  • T3_98NmDjn– 960 Dragon Gems
  • NOC_Jfm2MiPaEW– 250 Dragon Gems
  • JN_93MMniPooli– 100 Dragon Gems
  • FR_NaaFRR299– 160 Dragon Gems
  • AK_8MqipQm– 3200 Dragon Gems

What are people saying about Merge Dragons Swagbucks’ offer on Reddit?

I usedthisfor the Challenge levels. Stay on the chalices, and try to go to bed with zero in reserve since you can only hold seven and they replenish once per hour. Don’t worry about the camp, except to get your dragons up. In later levels, you merge portals that pull the dragons from camp. Watch every video for a chalice it’ll give you. If you can, save your purple gems for near the end to fill up your chalices to make those last few levels go faster.

Konzern shared this great advice

Is there a way to cheat on Merge Dragons?

Thankfully the answer is a hard no. If there were a way to cheat, it would ruin the offer on Swagbucks. If someone does find a way to cheat on Merge Dragons, I’m pretty sure the publisher will either pause the offer on Swagbucks or even remove it.

Has Swagbucks offered more money for Merge Dragons in the past?

The answer is yes. I saw a Reddit thread about the offer being 5,000 SB for Merge Dragons. I’m pretty sure this number will go up and down in the future. A game like Merge Dragons needs more users all the time.

How can I make more money with apps like Swagbucks?

I’m curious if you know about apps likeIbottaorReceipt Pal.These are very similar to Swagbucks. You scan a receipt and get paid to do this activity.

I’m going to tell you about a little secret I callside hustle staking. You can take a receipt you scanned in Swagbucks andreuse it in another app. You can get paid at least four times with the same receipt if you follow the instructions in thispost.

What should you do with the money?

You can do whatever you like. However, I would encourage you not to immediately spend the money. Seriously think about taking your earnings and convert this money into apassive incomestream. You can get $10 to start if you joinPublic. Public is an excellent choice to buy fractional stocks and crypto-currencies. You can start with a really small amount of money.

Note:The suggestion above is not financial advice. I’m sharing my personal opinion. If you would like tolearn more aboutbusinessand my thoughts on leveragingSwagbuckseffectively, check out more of my work. Also, there are referral links in the post.

How to earn $35 or more with Merge Dragons on Swagbucks  (2024)
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